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1 coin found

Sestertius, struck 64-66 AD in Lugdunum.
Obv.: NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, Nero head, laur., l., globe at point of neck.
Rev.: CONG I DAT POP / S C (ex.), Nero, bare-headed and togate, seated r. on high platform on l.; before him, an official seated r. on another platform handing congiarium to togate citizen stg. with one foot on a flight of steps, r. extended, l. preparing fold of toga, with small boy behind him; in background on l., Minerva facing, head l., r. holding owl, l. spear, and (on lower level) Liberalitas on r., facing, r. holding up tessera.
RIC² 435 (S); Hague; WCN 424
Picture: Fritz Rudolf Künker Münzenhandlung

 Romanatic-ID: 1404