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1 coin found

Sestertius, struck 66-68 AD in Lugdunum.
Obv.: IMP NERO CAESAR AVG PONT MAX TR POT P P, Nero head, laur., l., globe at point of neck.
Rev.: PORT AVG / S - C, aerial view of the harbour of Ostia. At the top, pharos surmounted by statue of Neptune l., l. holding sceptre; at the bottom, reclining figure of Tiber l, r. holding rudder, l. dolphin; to l., crecsnt-shaped pier with portico of varying length, terminating with figure sacrificing at altar and with building; to r., crescent-shaped row of breakwaters or slip, sometimes terminating with figure seated on rock; within the central harbour, several ships.
RIC² 514 (R2); WCN 450; Hoffmann coll. (cf. ASFN 1884, p. 52 f.)
Picture: Numismatica Ars Classica

 Romanatic-ID: 1484