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Aureus, struck 68 AD in Spain (Tarraco?).
Obv.: GALBA IMP, Galba, bare-headed, in military dress, riding r., r. extended.
Rev.: HISPANIA, Hispania bust, bare-headed, dr., r.; two javelins behind; round shield below.
RIC² 1 var.; NAC 24 (5.12.2002), 38
Picture: Numismatica Ars Classica

 Romanatic-ID: 1810

Simon Wieland

19:23:37, 08.02.2009
Note by Numismatica Ars Classica:
The revolt of the Gallic governor Vindex against Nero in March of 68 quickly grew beyond his province to become one of Rome's most shameful civil wars. Not since the contest of Marc Antony and Octavian a century before had Rome experienced civil war of consequence. First to support Vindex was Galba, then the governor of northern Spain, who declared himself Imperator on April 2, 68. Though Vindex was killed within two months of his rising, Galba continued the struggle against Nero, whose days clearly were numbered. Galba retained the title of Imperator until Nero died on June 9, 68, at which point the senate transferred to Galba the vacant title of Augustus. This rare aureus belongs to the early period of Galba's rise, prior to the death of Nero, and seemingly was struck at Tarraco, the capital of his old province Hispania Tarraconensis. Being perhaps the first issue struck by Galba, its types show Galba on horseback and celebrate the province that supported him and no doubt produced this coinage.