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  1. Quick Search: a simple google-like search function.
  2. Advanced Search: detailed search function, with which you can randomly narrow or widen your search parameters, for example by adding legend parts or motifs or by searching specific emperors or denominations only - or everything together.
  3. Reference Search: searches for reference numbers only.
  4. Emperor: general notes for each emperor with legend and coin listings.

General notes with legend and coin listings

After general notes of each emperor there is a list of coin types that can be arranged in the following ways
  1. Sort legends alphabetically: this option sorts the obverse legend alphabetically while adding all the corresponding reverse legends in the right field.
  2. Sort by RIC number: this option sorts the entries by the corresponding number in RIC.
  3. All legends: this options shows you all obverse legends on the left and all reverse legend on the right, all sorted alphabetically.

In all of these cases, you can either scroll down the listings manually or use your browser's search option to look out for a specific number or legend combination.

Database Options

Each coin entry features a number of options:

Emperor's name: by clicking the emperor's name, you will be redirected to the general notes about this emperor and his coinage.

By clicking on this button, you may report an error in the database to the administrator.
This option lists coins similar to the one you are looking at.
This option highlights the differences of the other entries compared to the coin you are looking at.
Search this coin type on
Search this coin type on